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How to remove vastu dosh in Gwalior

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How to remove vastu dosh in Gwalior

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If you want to know that how to remove vastu dosh in Gwalior,  before this explanation, we should know that what is vastu dosh and its impact on our life. vastu dosh is an understanding of geography topography direction environment physics of architecture. It is believed that Vastu Shastra exhibits cosmic energies that can be very beneficial to a successful lifestyle. Today Vastu Shastra has acquired a greater importance due to the understanding of ancient and past monuments. The ancient science of structure is considered for celestial prosperity and pleasure. Sometimes, due to space limitations Vastu Shastra cannot be implemented in certain houses.

Vastu shastra remedies without demolition in Gwalior

Every individual on this earth whether single or married, wants to live happy and in a good relationship with family and society. A house fulfilling vastu shastra principle brings good health and happiness. If you are searching a question that how dosh could be restricted. Then you are on right place where you can get help of vasthu dosh remedies to remove the Vastu dosh from your house.

Remove vastu dosh south facing house in Gwalior

South facing houses have earned a very bad reputation. The entrance of a south facing house is of prime importance in vastu shastra. Then the entrance or main door of the house must be located on the south side. Here we will give you some tips to remove vastu dosh south facing house in Gwalior the first step is that make sure to have the entrance or main door on 4th pada or step.

If the space, after utilizing 4th step, seems less then you can use 3rd, 2nd and 1st

Make the walls in South and West thicker and higher than North and East.

Choose a plot that slopes from South to North.

Vastu dosh Remedies for toilet in Gwalior

Toilet in the north east gives adverse effects on the finance and prosperity of the family. But when toilet in the south direction then directly effects of family and their health and might make them highly uncertain. Here we give you some tips for vastu dosh remedies for toilet in Gwalior. Firstly Mirrors in toilets should be placed on the North or East walls only. The second thing is that, If you are designing for attached toilet in the bathroom then place on the west or north west direction and few inches above the floor level. If you want to get full details then contact to our astrologer.

Vastu remedies for health problems in Gwalior

Everyone has desire healthy and wealthy home.  One area of the home that can have a negative effect on your health is location of your bathroom in the auspicious zone. Since it is a place of waste, according to vastu it is considered a place filled with dead aura. You can remove this negativity from your house with the help of vastu remedies for health problem in Gwalior then negative aura polluting the positive zone can be balanced by adding corrective things like plants, vastu salt, crystal, vastu energy partitions and using bright colors to your bathroom.
One more way to protect you from this negative energy is to make sure that the bathroom door is always kept closed and that the toilet seat cover is always down after active use.

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